NANNYcare, the UK’s leading goat milk formula, has been voted as one of the country’s top 10 baby products in a customer poll.
The brand made it into the top 10 baby foods in the 2015/16 Top 100 Baby Products Guide. The Guide is voted for by parents.
NANNYcare has been tested extensively in randomised double-blind trials, one of which led directly to the amendment of EU and UK legislation to now permit goat milk as a base in infant and follow on formula. Goat milk is known for its easy digestibility and goat milk formula can simply suit some babies better than cow’s milk formulas.
Mainstream formulas are, of course, traditionally based on cow’s milk, generally using skimmed milk. NANNYcare, in contrast, is based on goat whole milk. By utilising the inherent benefits of the whole milk, it requires significantly less synthetic supplementation and is far less processed than formulas based on skimmed milk.
Importantly NANNYcare is also a low protein formula – a significant factor as recent research shows higher protein formula may contribute to obesity in later life.
Another differentiating factor from other goat milk formulas is that NANNYcare contains no sucrose, glucose syrups or maltodextrin. For more information visit

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