In the UK, approximately 60 % of adults have high cholesterol. Research shows that consuming up to 2,000mg/day of plant sterols can reduce LDL cholesterol by 10-15%. Most supplements contain well below this amount. Wiley’s ‘Finest Bold Heart’ contains the full amount of 2,000mg of plant sterols per serving. While many plant sterol products are from corn or soy, ‘Bold Heart’ sterols are from North American pine trees, making the product a better choice for a non-GMO, Vegetarian and Vegan Society approved product.

Taking nutrients in tablet or capsule form can often reduce absorption, as well as being difficult for some consumers to swallow. The ‘Bold Heart’ patented formulation contains free sterol particles which have been downsized and stabilised. This enables the unflavoured product to be packaged in high dosage liquid form, in a single serve sachet, which can be added to food or drink or taken directly.

With an RRP of £29.99 for one month’s supply and generous trade margins. Trade contact: 0800 027 7362.

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