Neen, the UK leader in women’s pelvic health, supports women with a range of innovative and award-winning products designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and effectively treat the symptoms of incontinence.
Strong pelvic muscles are crucial to a woman’s quality of life, yet 1 in 3 women will suffer from some form of incontinence during their lifetime.
Many are too embarrassed to address or acknowledge the symptoms of weakened muscles, often unaware that if you can control your pelvic muscles you can get control of your life back.
Neen products have helped thousands of women master their Kegel exercises and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles quickly and effectively, sweeping aside concerns about leaking at every laugh, sneeze or cough.
The easy-to-use, easy to clean Educator acts as a visual aid by showing if pelvic floor muscles are contracting the way they should and that pelvic floor exercises are being completed correctly.
Developed from the award-winning Periform Probe, it helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles, reducing stress incontinence symptoms. Attach the indicator wand to the body of the Educator then insert the Educator into the vagina (similar to inserting a tampon).
Doing Kegel exercises, muscles contract, the indicator wand will follow the internal walls of the vagina, so users know if they are doing the exercises correctly. Visit