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Labour MP attacks Prime Minister over pharmacy cuts remarks

By Neil Trainis

PUBLISHED: March 28, 2017 | UPDATED: March 29, 2017

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The Labour MP Michael Dugher has gone on the offensive following Theresa May’s remarks that spending on community pharmacy has risen in recent years, insisting the government is “wilfully oblivious to the reality of the crisis facing the NHS on their watch.”

Dugher (pictured), a stout anti-pharmacy funding cuts campaigner, renewed his criticism of the government, describing ministers as “clueless” after the Prime Minister tried to justify the two-year cuts during a Commons debate.

“We all recognise the important service that pharmacies provide, which is why spending on them has actually risen in recent years,” she said. “There has been an increase of more than 18% in the number of pharmacies over the past decade.”

When contacted by Pharmacy Business Dugher responded: “Theresa May’s comments show once again how the government are wilfully oblivious to the reality of the crisis facing the NHS on their watch.

“The Prime Minister says spending on community pharmacies has risen, but the reality are cuts of £113m for this financial year and a further £95m in 2017-18.

“The government has previously admitted to not having the faintest idea how many pharmacies will close and whether these will be in areas of closer proximity or not.

“Ministers are equally clueless as to the downstream costs to other aspects of the NHS as reduced access to community pharmacies will see even more pressure on our already overstretched GP surgeries and A&Es.”