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Mental stress placed on carers highlighted by research

By Neil Trainis

PUBLISHED: June 26, 2017 | UPDATED: June 26, 2017

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The psychological stress of looking after someone else has been laid bare by research highlighting the extent to which people acting as carers struggle to keep with the demands of the job.

A study by SuperCarers, a company that connects families and carers online, asked around 700 carers for the elderly to talk about how their role affects them and found that 46% did not feel as if they were in control of their own lives.

Almost a third of carers said they have had negative feelings about the person they are caring for due to the time and effort required while 36% said they struggled with feelings of remorse those negative feelings created.

“There’s no shame in admitting that being a carer can cause stress and mental anguish but not enough is being done to help those suffering and that is shameful,” said Adam Pike, CEO and co-founder of SuperCarers, set up to address concerns around a UK care system it believes is in chaos.

“The UK’s care system is at breaking point. It has forgotten about people; the people who receive care, the people who pay for care and the people who provide care.

“This research shows that when family members and friends are forced to take on the role of carer they are simply not given the support or help they need. And no one should be left to suffer alone.

“It can be natural to have negative feelings towards the person you care for if it is having a major impact on your life. Sometimes people just need a break so they can gain some perspective and regain some control of their lives but many simply don’t know where to turn for trusted support.”