Providing a solution to the challenges of traditional CBD supplementation, BetterYou’s innovative CBD Oral Spray is scientifically formulated using patented pea-protein encapsulation technology, to remove the unpleasant taste normally associated with CBD.

The first-of-its-kind, full spectrum CBD supplement utilises the science of molecular encapsulation that is usually reserved for pharmaceutical development, delivering a 7.5mg dose in a great-tasting natural lime flavour – with absolutely none of the CBD taste.

The pea-protein used for encapsulation provides a protective layer around the cannabinoids, allowing them to absorb through the buccal membrane in the mouth, directly into the bloodstream.

This ground-breaking, pea-protein encapsulation process not only improves the taste and stability of the formulation, supporting ease of use and repeat purchase, it also ensures increased bioavailability.

The unique and effortless delivery makes BetterYou’s CBD Oral Spray the ideal alternative to droppers and capsules – which can be messy to administer or unfavourable with customers – and also aids those with digestive or malabsorption issues by bypassing the primary processing of the digestive system.

The spray is also contained in a bottle made from carbon negative, plant-based plastic. Its bottle and carton are 100 per cent recyclable, with the carton made from well-managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

BetterYou’s plant-based plastic initiative utilises sugarcane as an ethanol source rather than fossil fuels. This plastic production is carbon negative and better for our environment, as more carbon dioxide is absorbed during the plant’s growing period than is expensed in production and transportation.

Using sustainably sourced and natural ingredients, the innovative CBD Oral Spray is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and coeliacs.

BetterYou CBD Oral Spray, RRP £29.95

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