The NHS 111 online service received more than a million calls seeking medical help since its launch in 2017, NHS Digital revealed. The one-millionth triage was on May 10.

The most common symptoms for which people use NHS 111 online are related to abdominal pain and dental problems.

“This is a significant milestone for the programme and shows how the service is helping so many patients across England. It’s great to see so many people using the service and the different clinical pathways that patients can access,” said Debbie Floyd, Head of the NHS 111 online programme at NHS Digital.

According to NHS Digital figures, around 13 per cent of help requests end with self-care advice. Forty-eight per cent of the triages direct users to contact primary care, while 24.7 per cent were instructed to dial 999 or attend A&E.

The number of enquiries given other treatment dispositions, including speaking to a pharmacist, is 7.4 per cent.

Women are twice as likely to use the service as men, and the average user age is 30.