Nick Kaye talks to Pharmacy Business about Nick Kaye’s Pharmacy in Newquay…

How would you describe your pharmacy?
I would like to believe the pharmacy in Newquay is a modern pharmacy. We have had a fully branded Alphega refit and extended the pharmacy by 150% in the last two years. We have large dispensary, a good retail area for a health centre pharmacy and two consultation rooms. The aim of this is to provide a pharmacy that is at the forefront of pharmacy innovation where the people who work there have a great place to be professional and patients and customers find it a great place to shop or engage in professional service.

What is the best and worst things about being a pharmacist?
The worst thing about being a community pharmacist is sometimes the way in which other professionals can view us as being “shop keepers” but this is for us to show them we have lots of clinical knowledge and we should be an integral part of the health team.
The best thing about being a pharmacist is when you achieve this whilst really helping a patient it’s a great personal feeling and great for the profession.

What is your advice on being a good pharmacist and running a good pharmacy?
The only advice on being a good pharmacist and running a good pharmacy is the same “put the patient first”. I was heard Sir Ian Carruthers speak he talked about ” disruptive innovation in putting patient first” as being the way to move a profession forward I love this point of view, let’s push to see what pharmacy can achieve. I would add if you run a pharmacy try and share you vision with your team so you can best achieve it together.

How much do your sales depend on seasons and weather?
Being in Newquay we do have seasonal variation in sales but this is more to do with the tourist trade as there are more people in Cornwall in the summer months. Changes in weather don’t really affect us unless that weather is extreme.

What is your view on funding and the role of the PSNC?
Funding is a really difficult question. For me personally having bought a pharmacy in the last 2 years the hardest thing is the cash flow and how this can vary massively month to month this makes it really hard to future plan and reinvest properly. We are involved in a special study unit for the Peninsula medical school for medical students.
The last one we did was around funding, they could not get to grips with all we do and are not paid for mainly clinical advise to patients and gps.
I do think its good we are being paid for MURs and nms but I would rather have a national minor ailments scheme and a paid triage scheme where as the first port of call within the nhs for patients we could treat or direct them to the right service with no cap on numbers.
However, we should not lose sight of the dispensing role it’s great to be paid for new things but getting the right medicine to the right patient in a timely manor is still a highly important role that we should be proud of.
PSNC has a huge challenge and they will never get it right as you cannot please all of the people all of the time. I wish they would could shout more about what they do achieve. I also think if we don’t like it get involved and stand for the board.

What part of the business is most challenging to work in?
The most challenging role is balancing the books and getting staffing levels right and keeping all happy. I trained for pharmacy not for business it is a very steep learning curve.

Do you ever get customers asking for products they have seen on TV that you know nothing about?
As the “face of Prevalin” this question is interesting. We do get people in asking about products seen on TV but ultimately I think this is great as patient is now engaging with professional service about a product or condition they have not done before and it is our chance to prove ourself with great advice.

If you were to give up pharmacy tomorrow, what would you do?
I would love to be a racing car driver who wouldn’t? But falling that i would be the editor for which and I would write about the positive experience and great relationship so many people have with their pharmacist but maybe that would not sell so well so I best stick to the profession I am so proud of.