Nicotinell, the No.1 NRT lozenge brand from GSK, is launching a new, larger pack of its best- selling Lozenges
to help shoppers on their journey to becoming smoke-free.
Nicotinell Lozenges provide on-the-go relief when the urge to smoke strikes and can be pur-chased in two
strengths (1mg for light smokers and 2mg for those smoking 20-30 a day), both with a fresh, minty taste to
help shoppers to quit smoking.
With the average NRT buyer accumulating 7.7 quit attempts until he/she is smoke free, the larger pack size
offers shoppers a pack that will last longer and will also offer better value per lozenge.
Nicotinell has the highest average weight of purchase (AWP) in the NRT category, indicating that if shoppers
switch into the brand they remain loyal, thus driving category growth for retailers.
The brand also launched a new campaign from September 2017, which aims to raise shopper awareness
around how Nicotinell helps to relieve five common withdrawal symptoms of quitting includ-ing; anxiety,
frustration, restlessness, irritability and cravings.
Jingxuan Zhuang, Nicotinell Senior Brand Manager at GSK, comments: “There are around eight million
smokers in England and in 2015, smoking caused almost 80,000 deaths, demonstrating how important
smoking cessation services and solutions are.
“With our growing portfolio of stop-smoking solutions options available, this launch offers shoppers more choice. Pharmacists continue to play a crucial role in advising shoppers about NRT and by stocking the full range from Nicotinell, they will be well-positioned to provide advice and a variety of different options to help shoppers to become smoke-free.”
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