More than 300 community pharmacies in the North East London area will now get access to Health Information Exchange (HIE), that enables them to read and write onto the East London Patient Record (eLPR).

The decision, which benefits a total of 320 pharmacies, was made at a meeting of the Health Information Exchange group in North East London, a consortium led by Barts Health NHS Trust in partnership with local CCG and providers of health services. This is the first time community pharmacy gets access to full Patient Record anywhere in the UK.

HIEs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. The eLPR platform includes four CCGs, five acute hospital sites, a mental health trust, three sets of community services and almost 200 GP practices.

The eLPR uses a single system approach to information sharing that begins locally and builds collaboratively around patient care. It ensures that the information given to any health or care professionals is properly recorded and safely shared, and uses the collected data safely for improvement.

The introduction of pharmacists to this system will lead to a “significant potential for wider reforms” such as the outpatient pathway supporting the move to ‘advice and book’, said a statement from the HIE group in North East London.