Numark has said it will roll out a series of workshops in the coming months aimed at supporting its members to encourage the public to engage with national health campaigns and pharmacy services.

Government health policy has shifted in recent years from treating to preventing ill-health and a number of campaigns aimed at increasing public awareness of health issues have been launched, notably NHS England’s Stay Well Pharmacy campaign which attempted to get people to use a pharmacy for their minor health concerns.

Numark staged workshops in three areas across the UK, most recently in Belfast, which were designed to help pharmacy staff recruit people on to their services by linking health promotions to services. The success of those workshops has persuaded Numark to hold more events.

The workshops, which were free to Numark members, covered areas such as the importance of selling services, how to approach customers to engage with services and deal with their objections and using health promotions “as a stepping stone to link into services.”

Hina Prajapati, Numark’s professional development facilitator who lead the delivery of the workshops, said: “The uptake for these sessions has been overwhelmingly successful. We’ve already delivered this workshop to over 100 delegates and will be opening up more venues to our members which is an exciting time.

“Encouraging our members to engage patients into services not only helps drive their profitability but also allows them to demonstrate the clear value the profession can play in preventing ill health and improving patient outcomes.”