Over a million patients have now signed up to receive a free text alert when their medication is ready for collection at their local Well pharmacy, the pharmacy chain has said.

The new text alert system means that patients will no longer need to visit or phone up the pharmacy to check if their prescription is ready.

It also helps pharmacy teams save their working hours allowing less waiting times for the patients amid Covid-19 pandemic, the company said.

Nigel Swift, Operations Director at Well Pharmacy said: “This is a simple and efficient service that we’d encourage every one of our patients to sign up to.

“Alongside centralised dispensing, where up to 60 per cent of repeat prescriptions are assembled centrally, this text alert service enables us to provide a seamless offering for patients and pharmacy teams alike. As soon as the package is scanned to our shelves the patient receives their text.”

The alert service also works on landlines with an automated message being used to advise patients that their prescription is ready.

On mobiles, the text also links through to Well online pharmacy finder if the patient needs directions or to check the pharmacy opening hours.

Claire O’Connell, Director of IT and Digital at Well Pharmacy said: “This is a great example of how digital developments can really help our patients.

“We start by looking at what causes patients frustration with their pharmacy experience, and then work out how we can make it better. This development is a simple example of a service that everyone can benefit from.”

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