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The PDA has assured its support to all provisionally registered pharmacists who were unsuccessful or opted not to take the March 2021 assessment and are preparing for next assessments in July and November.

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association’s (PDA) assurance to the candidates comes just weeks ahead of the upcoming assessment in July.

“The PDA would like to congratulate those who passed the March 2021 assessment. Members have been continuously supported throughout the assessment process in a number of ways including receiving advice and guidance and being invited to take part in free PDA member revision assessment programmes. The PDA also called on employers to support staff sitting the assessment,” the association said.

“To those who were unsuccessful or chose not to sit the March assessment, the PDA will continue to offer support to members throughout the July and November 2021 assessment dates,” it added.

The PDA has also created specific member categories so that everyone regardless of where they are in their pharmacy career can be supported.

Meanwhile, the association said it has received some very positive feedback from members that completed the March 2021 assessment and felt supported through what was a challenging time in their pharmacy journey.

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