The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has called on pharmacy employers and pharmacists organisations to make donations towards the Pharmacist Support charity in the new year.

The association has urged them to donate £1 per pharmacist employee or member to the charity group to increase its funding from 2022 onwards.

Pharmacist Support, an independent charity, provides a variety of support services to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students in Great Britain.

It provides support through twelve sessions of fully funded counselling to pharmacists, students, or trainees.

Since 2018, the association has donated more than £150,000 to the charity, in turn supporting its members who additionally seek assistance from Pharmacist Support.

PDA chairman, Mark Koziol said: “We believe that if employers and other pharmacy organisations make an important New Year’s resolution to join in with the effort to pay one pound for each of their employees or members to Pharmacist Support, with over 60,000 on the register and some individuals connected to several organisations in addition to their employer, donations could add up to a substantial amount.

“In turn, this could enable this important charity to do a lot more to support many more pharmacists in need of help.”

PDA suggested if multi-billion corporations working with thousands of pharmacists contribute, donations to the profession’s charity would increase many folds.

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