The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) have announced their decision to progress with a compensation claim for its members affected by the Well Pharmacy data breach.

In a press released on Wednesday, PDA said the breach might be relevant to pharmacists who had ever worked for or provided ‘locum’ service to Well or a predecessor company from 2003.

Each affected pharmacists may be eligible for a compensation, possibly ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

“Well has informed us that the email was sent to 1,050 people, of whom 376 were potentially able to access the spreadsheet,” said Mark Pitt, PDA Director of Defence Services. “We are looking into this claim on behalf of our members and have informed them of what we now know about the breach, what we’re doing to help members and what action they can take,” he added.

In December 2018, Well Pharmacy inadvertently emailed out a spreadsheet, containing sensitive data in up to 24,099 rows of information about individuals, primarily, ‘locum’ pharmacists with one person per row.

The data included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and payroll numbers along with ‘locum’ hourly pay rates, whether or not the pharmacists worked with an ACT, the distance they’re willing to travel and what services they could provide.

It also included a column entitled ‘Reason for Inactivation’, including nearly 6,000 entries, which could potentially have the unintended consequences of amounting to a ‘blacklist’ of individuals.

However, Well denied this saying that it never operated a ‘blacklist’ or would ever consider such improper practice.

PDA requested its members, who would like to be part of the claim to complete a short survey to notify that they wished to be included in any collective action.