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The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has been seeking clarification on the process adopted for locums in Scotland to obtain the payment of £500 promised by the government for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest statement from the PDA has come at a time when those locums who were unable to discuss a claim being made on their behalf by a single appropriate service provider are still waiting for a separate claim form to be provided.

Earlier, there were arrangements that employed pharmacists would have had their employer make a claim for their payment before February 21.

The PDA has assured that it is ready to support the pharmacists who have been facing unnecessary hurdles to obtain the sum. “We have also heard from employed pharmacists who are concerned that they may not receive their payment in a timely manner via their employer.  The PDA urges members who believe that they are due a payment but this is being delayed, to get in touch,” the PDA said.

The PDA has further added that it is in contact with the government to clarify the process for locum members who have confirmed that: “NHS NSS Practitioner and Counter Fraud services are currently in the process of developing the mechanism in which locums may submit an application directly.

“Within this process, there will be a payment verification process to allow practitioner services to verify the contracted hours worked as part of the eligibility criteria.  Once these details are finalised, they will be issued to all NHS Boards for wider publication and communication.”

“The PDA will continue to clarify and expedite this process where possible to ensure that locums in Scotland who are eligible for the payment, either in full or on a pro-rata basis can claim it as soon as possible,” the association said in its latest update to the pharmacists.

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