There are more women suffering from bladder leakage than Hayfever, Migrane or even Coughs and Colds, demonstrating the opportunity for Pharmacy.

A ground-breaking national survey, commissioned by pelvic floor muscle trainer Pelviva, reveals for the first time ever the level of suffering of bladder leakage in the UK.

For decades, the feminine care industry has marketed incontinence and bladder leakage to the older woman when, in fact, it heavily impacts women in their thirties and forties.

The focus on age as a determining factor in bladder performance has, created a feeling of embarrassment around an issue that’s incredibly common for a younger woman.

A lack of market innovation led Femeda Ltd to develop Pelviva – a disposable, clinically effective, discreet and easy-to-use Pelvic Floor muscle trainer for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

Pharmacy is ideally placed as the key customer base reflects the core demographic of incontinence sufferers. Rather than have customers resigned to a life of pads, it is easy to identify sufferers having repeat prescriptions and the all too often co prescribing of anti-depressants.

Andrew Tasker CEO of Femeda Ltd said: “Pelviva provides a clinically proven treatment to address the root cause of the condition, meaning pharmacists should be at the forefront of driving change in female health, capitalising on a unique margin opportunity and building footfall.

“Pelviva has been shown to deliver a rapid onset of benefits delivering high levels of customer satisfaction – 80% of users experienced benefits in as little as 3 weeks… even including women who had been suffering for years.”

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