Pharmaceutical companies are not keen to invest in large amounts of money needed to run CBMP research, RCPsych said

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has called for the need for high-quality research on cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMP), while identifying lack of funding as a key barrier to research.

“There is a pressing need for more high-quality research examining the efficacy of these substances for specific psychiatric indications,” RCPsych said in a position statement published Tuesday.

The organisation said many pharmaceutical companies are not keen to invest large amounts of money needed to run CBMP research and without substantial funding, a change in current practice around prescribing won’t be forthcoming.

RCPsych highlighted the need for continuous pressure on pharmaceutical companies from government and patient groups for CBMP research.

Adrian James, Registrar of the RCPsych, urged key organisations to act to reduce the barriers for researchers on the potential benefits of CBMPs.

“We welcome evidence of the potential benefits of CBMPs but caution that most of it comes from small-scale studies and the low rate of use worldwide means that the side effect and risk profile is not adequately evidenced. To correct this and gather the evidence that patients and clinicians need and deserve, key organisations must act to reduce the barriers that exist to this research,” he said.

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