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The Community Pharmacy Scotland on Monday published its response to the Pharmacists Apprenticeship consultation.

The organisation expressed disappointment at having such a short consultation period and said that it is not enough to develop a full and considered response.

“At this stage, our position is that we are not able to support the development of this apprenticeship as detailed, despite the current pressure on the workforce,” CPS said in a statement.

“The lack of engagement in the process is until now is also a concern.”

“This proposal is not well enough developed to allow us to make such a key decision. The introduction of an apprenticeship model would be a step-change in how people enter the profession, and all affected must explore and appreciate the implications of this,” its response read.

CPS also suggested creating an apprenticeship scheme to train pharmacists that would be an asset to the profession. The existing proposal does not meet that requirement, they added.