Ravi Sharma (Photo Courtesy: twitter/Ravi Sharma)

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has expressed disappointment at pharmacists not being lauded as “vaccine heroes” in an immunisation drive launched as part of the European Immunisation Week.

In a letter addressed to Public Health England Chief, Duncan Selbie, RPS Director of England, Ravi Sharma, highlighted the important role pharmacists play in providing vaccination services on a large scale.

“Pharmacists are also “vaccine heroes” and play a central part in supporting immunisation plans and delivery. We actively promote the importance of immunisation and will continue to provide easily accessible advice, information and support for patients on vaccines,” Sharma said.

“We very much hope that future campaigns will adapt to include the frontline profession of pharmacy and promote the vital role that pharmacists up and down the country fulfil day in, day out, in advising on and delivering immunisation campaigns.”

On Wednesday, Public Health England Chief Executive, Duncan Selbie urged everyone to support the ‘vaccine heroes,’ saying “it’s a testament to our hard-working doctors and nurses that families trust them to provide accurate facts about the effectiveness of vaccines. They’re our vaccine heroes.”