Pharmacist Support today announced an expansion of its partnership with Boots UK to reach more in the profession who are encountering difficult times.

This is following a successful coaching pilot in 2017, in which both Boots UK and Pharmacist Support shared an “an aspiration” to work further.

The session with trained coach offered pharmacists help on work-related and personal issues such as dealing and negotiating with colleagues, building resilience, assertiveness and confidence as well as managing stress and anxiety.

“The pilot was extremely well received,” the charity said.

Pharmacist Support Chief Executive expressed confidence that Boots support would help them to support more pharmacists.

“As the profession’s independent charity, we encounter daily the struggles those in the profession are facing which means we are well placed to develop solutions that empower an individual to make choices that lead to positive change for the profession, it is crucial the charity works in partnership with organisations such as Boots to tackle head on the issues facing pharmacists, trainees and MPharm students today,” she said.

Boots UK Chief Pharmacist Marc Donovan said they are keen to support the pharmacy profession and the population as a whole in challenging times.

“ The company has been working with Pharmacist Support on a range of well-being projects for a number of years now and the next phase in this partnership is the development of coaching resources that we hope will be available to all pharmacists,” he said.