Head lice infestations are more common than all other communicable conditions and diseases. Pharmacist Daniel Brash offers his advice…


It was once common for head lice to be treated by traditional insecticides, although the lice would often build up a resistance to this method. More recently, head lice have been treated with oil-based treatments, though this method seems to be getting replaced by more natural ways to eliminate the lice.
One effective and non-chemical way to kill head lice is through wet combing. This method involves removing the lice by combing wet hair systematically with a fine-toothed comb that has been specifically designed for the treatment of head lice.
This traditional, non-chemical method of eliminating head lice has long been considered an effective way to get rid of nits from the hair and scalp, as well as removing the eggs, which are the cause of re-infestation.
However, the traditional fine-toothed nit comb is being reinvented in more innovative ways, making the wet combing technique even more effective.”
One innovative head lice comb now available in the UK is the LiceTec V-Comb Electrical Lice Comb. This revolutionary device comprises both combing and vacuuming, which helps to ensure a greater number of lice and eggs are removed from the hair and scalp.
As the hair is combed through, the LiceTec V-Comb extracts the lice and eggs away from the hair and into a capture filter.
As the filter is lit up by an LED, you are able to see the amount of lice and eggs that have been removed from the hair.
This means you can see exactly how much the treatment has worked, removing the guesswork that goes hand in hand with chemical-based head lice treatments. Following the treatment, the filter unit can be removed and the content disposed of.
Being free of pesticides and chemicals, this innovative head lice removal solution does not run the risk of individuals being allergic to the treatment and it causing itchiness or discomfort.
And LiceTec has devised a 14-day elimination plan, including three missions, to make it a fun and easy process, and get everyone involved. You can download the plan, print it out and keep it on your fridge throughout the process.


Daniel Brash has been practising as a pharmacist since 1995 and is co-director of Pharmcare Ltd. He is also managing director of Healthcare4all (, an online company supplying the public and NHS organisations with medical devices.