A pharmacy group based in the east Midlands has revolutionised its dispensing process by utilising an upgraded, streamlined version of ProScript Connect.

The system from EMIS is live across Dean and Smedley’s 11 pharmacies after a six-week trial in one branch earlier this year.

The group now dispenses more than 90,000 prescription items every month and the chain has reported time savings of up to 45 minutes per staff member a day from one of the upgrades they have implemented.

Ben Eaton (pictured), procurement manager and pharmacist at Dean and Smedley, said: “Having used ProScript for 10 years, we introduced ProScript Connect to improve our service and benefit from all of the extras that the software offers.

“It is so quick. Many of the functions are instant and the ability to switch from one task to another saves so much time that was previously spent waiting for records or pages to load. Because we can have multiple tabs open at a time, we can multitask and that is saving at least 30 minutes per branch every day.”

Dean and Smedley has also started using additional upgrades including Prescription Tracker Service (PTS) and Constant Connect, a resilience service to protect against loss of N3 connectivity. PTS uses barcode technology to revolutionise the dispensing process.

ProScript Connect is live in 1,150 pharmacies across the UK.