Asda Ramsgate pharmacy
Asda Ramsgate pharmacy worker Claire Twyman with customer Rose Doyle.

Asda Ramsgate pharmacy worker Claire Twyman saved life of a regular patient Rose Doyle by giving her a timely advice to visit A&E after spotting a blood clot on her leg.

Doyle (75) spent five days in Margate Hospital, and after recovering she called in at the store to thank Twyman for her quick-thinking actions.

She handed her a thank-you note which read: “Thank you for making me go to A&E. You may have saved my life, so thank you once again I am really grateful.”

Twyman, who has worked at the store for nine years, said: “I was just happy that I was able to help her and give her that advice, which made a difference. It could have been a lot worse if she’d left it. I’m so glad she’s okay.

“Rose came over to the pharmacy for advice on her leg. I looked down and told her it was really swollen, and then asked to look at her foot. I thought straightaway that it was a thrombosis, a blood clot. Her toes were very white, but I didn’t want to alarm her.”

On her admission, the hospital gave her treatment for thrombosis.

The store’s deputy manager Bob Ellender, who nominated Twyman for an Asda customer service award, said the whole store was proud of her.

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