Phoenix acquires new, larger distribution depot in Belfast

Phoenix has announced the acquisition of a significantly larger medicines distribution depot in Belfast, approximately six miles from the current depot.

The new site will offer five times the capacity they currently have, greatly helping the group’s growth strategy in Northern Ireland as they will be able to process additional volume and provide customers with a wider range.

Building work to make the site suitable for Phoenix operations will commence in December and it is anticipated that the new depot be fully operational Spring/Summer 2019.

There will be no disruption to the service in the meantime, the group informed.

Steve Anderson, managing director of Phoenix UK, said: “This is a major investment by Phoenix in Northern Ireland and is a clear sign of our confidence that we can and will continue to grow our business through unrivalled service: that is our commitment to our customers and patients”.

Jeremy Meader, managing director of Numark, said: “Numark have always had a strong presence in Northern Ireland and our membership continues to grow. Over the last year, we’ve seen a significant uplift in our customer base; over 90 percent of independents (groups of 50 or less) are now Numark members, a testament to the strength of the Numark offering. Indeed the Numark membership as a whole is in its 35th consecutive month of record membership with just over 3,900 members across the UK.

“As a result of our continued and sustained growth in Northern Ireland, we welcome and fully support the announcement and are delighted that Phoenix recognises the investment required to better support the needs of our Northern Ireland customers. We are optimistic that our business will continue to go from strength to strength.”