The APPG has been in contact with a number of parliamentarians across both Houses who have expressed their interest in getting involved with the APPG.

Professor David Wright has been appointed to lead an independent review into representation and support for pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) announced today.

Wright, Professor of Pharmacy Practice from the School of Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia, and his team will look into the roles and structures underpinning the PSNC and the Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs).

PSNC and the LPCs will jointly fund the review and its results will optimise the committees’ contractor representation and support.

It will also ensure that the national network structure is working as efficiently for contractors as it can and is fit for the future.

“I want to find out what is currently done well and how this could be done better, and what is done which may be better done by others. I want to know whether the current organisational structures, financial models and communication processes provide greatest value for money and if they don’t, to explore how we can change them,” said Professor Wright.

A national steering committee will oversee the project and work with Professor Wright and his team.

Simon Dukes, PSNC CEO, said: “PSNC and the LPCs are funding this independent review to look at what models and ways of working will best serve community pharmacy contractors in the future. The review comes as the community pharmacy sector enters a period of change, under the recently agreed five-year CPCF deal, and its purpose will be to find the most effective ways for PSNC and the LPCs to work together to represent and support contractors through those changes.”

PSNC also invited contractors who are not currently on an LPC and are interested in joining the national steering committee to send an expression of interest in no more than 50 words to David Wright at

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