The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced a further 15 concessionary prices to complete its final list for February although the PSNC was in no mood to congratulate ministers who they accused of heaping “enormous pressure on community pharmacy contractors” through medicines supply and pricing issues.

The latest batch of concessionary prices (below) was granted on March 9 following previous announcements by the DHSC on February 23 and 27. The timing of the announcements however have caused dismay among community pharmacists and pharmacy’s negotiator expressed its concern.

“Once again, although we are pleased that concessions for another month have been finalised, many are lower than PSNC had sought. Medicines supply and pricing issues are continuing to put enormous pressure on community pharmacy contractors, and the time being taken to make concession announcements only compounds this,” said Mike Dent, the PSNC’s director of pharmacy funding.

Dent insisted the PSNC was determined to ensure there is a more effective, fairer system in place for setting price concessions.

“Discussions on a new system for setting price concessions continue, with DHSC currently trialling use of different sources of data to inform its decision-making,” he said.

“PSNC will continue to press the need for improvements to the system to be made; contractors must not carry unreasonable costs on behalf of the NHS. PSNC will once again consider the topic at its March meeting next week.”


Drug Pack size Price concession
Amiloride 5mg tablets 28 £3.00
Aripiprazole 10mg tablets 28 £4.71
Aripiprazole 15mg tablets 28 £4.35
Digoxin 62.5microgram tablets 28 £1.35
Duloxetine 20mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £7.50
Duloxetine 30mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £3.95
Duloxetine 60mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £6.10
Eplerenone 50mg tablets 28 £8.90
Irbesartan 150mg tablets 28 £3.95
Oxazepam 10mg tablets 28 £12.50
Oxazepam 15mg tablets 28 £12.00
Pregabalin 25mg capsules 56 £4.91
Topiramate 100mg tablets 60 £24.50
Topiramate 25mg tablets 60 £6.00
Topiramate 50mg tablets 60 £13.05