The PSNC is to start workshops for community pharmacists and local pharmaceutical committees (LPCs) in an attempt to enlighten them on the ways they can make their presence felt in local healthcare structures.

The workshops, which are also available for provider companies, will focus on sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), accountable care organisations (ACOs) and integrated care systems.

A survey run by Pharmacy Business in conjunction with the PSNC earlier this year found that many LPCs have struggled to establish themselves on STP boards for a variety of reasons. Indeed, 55% of LPCs said their STP was not interested in community pharmacy.

“The workshops, run by successful and experienced service development pharmacists, will provide an introduction to local commissioners (including who they are and how to engage with them) and outline what community pharmacy can offer (including where to find data), as well as examining how best to prepare bids and business cases fit for the new commissioning environment,” the PSNC said.

“Members of the community pharmacy team who are keen to expand the range of local services from their pharmacy and increase income are welcome to attend alongside LPC members and staff from pharmacy provider companies.”

The workshops will be held in London on June 6 and Manchester on June 12.