The PSNC has said it is trying to persuade NHS England to digitise flu vaccination payments to contractors amid concerns that the claiming process is time-consuming and could result in non-payment.

Some contractors submitted claims after March 31 last year for payment for vaccinations provided during the 2016-17 flu season which pharmacy’s negotiator said was ill-advised given the amount of time it can take to process a claim.

The PSNC urged contractors to ensure their claim forms are submitted by the fifth of the following month in which the vaccinations are administered along with the end-of-month prescription bundle.

“Where their payment queries fell outside of the flu vaccination season for 2016/17 (after 31st March 2017), pharmacies had to make claims directly to NHS England instead of to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) which can be time consuming to resolve and may result in non-payment,” the PSNC said.

The negotiator said a digitised payments system would enable “more accurate reconciliation of payments.”

The PSNC added: “We are pushing NHS England to agree to the NHS BSA adopting this approach via the ‘Manage Your Submissions’ portal which is already being developed currently.”