Ronak Manek, operations manager at K&K Healthcare Ltd, talks about his pharmacy business…
How would you describe your pharmacy?
I believe this branch to be the modern pharmacy. We have recently refitted the retail area to give way to our second consultation room and create a service-based waiting area.
The pharmacy is designed in an open plan environment with one thing in mind – the patient. With two consultation rooms on site, our pharmacists are able to provide services to the highest of standards.
The aim of this is to provide an environment that is at the forefront of pharmacy innovation where the staff can provide a professional service and patients find it a great place to visit or engage in professional services we provide.
What is your advice on being a good pharmacist?
I have seen a number of pre-regs over the years and worked with many pharmacists. I would say a good pharmacist is one that puts the patient first, works ethically and legally, embraces change, provides great customer care, is service-driven and works within a team.
Being a good pharmacist does not just only involve being up-to-date with the latest clinical information and developments, but being able to work together as a team with the staff and other health care professionals in the different sectors.
How much do your sales depend on season and weather?
Sales are definitely seasonal and weather-orientated. In the summer months we stock a lot of hayfever medicines, sun skincare products and during the winter months we stock the cough and cold remedies along with winter essentials like hot water bottles.
What part of the business is most challenging?
As pharmacy is evolving, keeping up to date with current issues can be a challenge. Also at present stock issues is another challenge. With wholesalers capping unreasonably without notifying pharmacies, unreasonably delaying orders is putting added pressure to our pharmacists.
Do you get customers asking for the products they have seen on TV which you know nothing about?
Yes there have been instances where patients have requested fairly new products advertised which we haven’t had much information on. However, we do get updates in pharmacy magazines and our pharma reps are pretty good at keeping us up to date with new products on the horizon.
More than TV, patients are getting new product info from the internet – on occasion it is difficult for us to source products as they are from abroad and not much background information is available.
What is your view on funding and the role of the PSNC?
Our contract has too many loose ends. Funding – there is no transparency in how we get paid. With recent issues for many contractors in upgrading their PMR systems from XP to a later version of windows, the financial burden this has caused, it would have been thought some funding would be made available to assist pharmacy contractors to enable this upgrade.
Ronak Manek is a Numark member