Pharmacy staff wearing a mask serves patient at Whitaker's Pharmacy in Enfield. REUTERS/Tom Jacobs

RPS England has called for greater recognition of pharmacists in official communication regarding the COVID-19 response.

In a letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancoch today, English Pharmacy Board chair Claire Anderson said the sector is “shocked by the lack of recognition, support and encouragement from the Government for the fantastic work pharmacy is doing.”

She noted the “regular specific mentions of doctors and nurses” in government’s communication to put the issue in perspective.

“Pharmacists have been expressing their disappointment to us over the past few days and I feel compelled to relay these concerns,” she said.

Claire Anderson

Anderson added that the pharmacy teams have been on the “frontline defending Great Britain against the COVID-19 threat,” looking after the patients in the face of the “unprecedented demands placed by the pandemic.”

She said many pharmacy teams are in need of greater support.

“We’ve been told that COVID-19 will be a marathon not a sprint, and your support and recognition for pharmacy over the coming hours, days, weeks and months will be vital.”

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