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The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) has launched a £75 million ‘anti-evolutionary’ drive to tackle cancer’s lethal ability to evolve resistance to treatment.

The initiative will bring world-leading researchers from different disciplines together to create new resistance-busting treatments.

According to scientists at the new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery – ICR, the world’s first drugs designed to stop cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment could be available within the next decade.

The Chief Executive of the ICR, Professor Paul Workman, said the killer disease’s ability to adapt to drugs is the biggest challenge in treatment.

“We firmly believe that, with further research, we can find ways to make cancer a manageable disease in the long term and one that is more often curable, so patients can live longer and with a better quality of life,” he added.

The institute, which is part of the University of London, is also seeking a further £15 million from donations to complete the construction of the new centre and equip it with instruments and technologies.

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