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Community Pharmacy Scotland has invited pharmacies to join its hypertension digital app being developed in collaboration with Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) and Cohesion.

The pharmacy body said it aims to recruit at least 50 pharmacies to make the project successful, with a target of 250 across Scotland.

Each of the participating pharmacy will be provided with a bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor to record readings.

Cohesion has developed a process to codify individuals so that the identifiable information is not recorded, and it remains in compliance with the GDPR requirements.

“We will also create dummy patient details so that the blood pressure readings are not attached to an identifiable person. This will allow us to test the pharmacy and patient facing interfaces of the app,” it said.

Cohesion will start procuring the blood pressure monitoring devices ahead of the start date – August 2.

The body will also set up a core team of 10-12 members, who will meet on a regular basis with Cohesion and DHI to provide feedback. This will allow timely amendments to make the app better.

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