Community pharmacies in Scotland will receive £250 as participation fee to provide their flu vaccination service during the current winter season.

A latest circular from the Scottish government has also added that the contractors who participate in the vaccination programme will be paid a flat fee of £8.27 per immunisation.

The details concerning reimbursement of privately procured influenza vaccines used in delivering NHS service are being finalised and will be issued in the coming weeks, the government has said.

Order processes for flu vaccine stock are being finalised and health boards and community pharmacy health board committees should agree the arrangements as part of any service level agreement.

“Apart from monitoring uptake for payment purposes, it is important for health boards to agree with community pharmacy health board committees on arrangements to provide timely data in the interest of patient safety, where the vaccination could be offered in more than one setting. Health boards will require all necessary data from pharmacy contractors to support the delivery of the programme,” the circular said.

Health boards should agree arrangements as part of any service level agreement for the provision of appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) in line with Health Protection Scotland guidance on the use of PPE for immunisation and vaccinations, the government noted.

The participation of community pharmacy contractors will be agreed locally by boards and community pharmacy health board committees, depending on what the overall requirements areto deliver the programme.

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