Leyla Hannbeck, the chief pharmacist at the National Pharmacy Association, has reminded community pharmacists to fulfil their obligations to meet the criteria for revalidation.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has said revalidation, which is designed to help pharmacists keep their professional skills and knowledge updated, will begin on March 30.

Pharmacists will be required to record and submit four CPD records during the first year they submit revalidation records. In the second year and all following years they submit revalidation records they will need to carry out, record and submit four CPD records, a peer discussion record and a reflective account record.

“You need to include a specific learning objective and make it clear how the learning is relevant to your role,” Hannbeck told the Sigma conference in Borneo.

“You’ll need to explain how the learning will affect individuals using your services, you need to describe the learning activities and explain how the learning has been applied.

“You’ll also need to provide examples of the benefits of the learning to service users, provide any feedback or evidence and include any next steps.”

In relation to the peer discussion, Hannbeck said: “You must include a description of why this peer was chosen and explain how the peer discussion has helped you reflect on your practice.

“You’ll also need to describe changes made to your practice as a result and provide examples of how the changes have positively impacted and benefitted your service users.”

Hannbeck also warned the conference that Brexit “cannot save us from the Falsified Medicines Directive” which is due to come into effect on February 9 next year.

The medicines verification system will require pharmacists to scan the barcodes of all medicines at the point of dispensing.

Hannbeck warned that pharmacists will have to foot the bill for FMD equipment such as scanners and urged them to prepare for implementation.