Sigma Pharmaceuticals has agreed to supply the IQoro neuromuscular training device that has gained prescription status in the UK.

GPs and other clinicians have been prescribing IQoro to their patients since May 1, previous to which the device was sold directly to individuals — approx. 80,000 across Europe.

IQoro has been developed by MYoroface AB of Sweden who have patented the device in most major countries. It is used to treat conditions like reflux-based diseases caused by Hiatal hernia, dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) — often as a result of stroke – and more.

Reflux based diseases are widespread in the western world, NICE say that in the UK, “The prevalence of dyspepsia depends on the definition used and is estimated to be between 12 and 41 per cent of the general population”.

In the UK this suggests an absolute figure of between 7.8m and 26.7m suffer from acidic reflux or other conditions that IQoro is proven to treat successfully.

Terry Morris, business development director for IQoro, explains the role of the device: “PPI drugs bring relief to millions, but there is an increasing proportion of patients unable or unwilling to continue medication year after year. IQoro successfully treats the underlying muscular cause of reflux and other conditions in just 1½ minutes’ training per day”

IQoro is recognized by NICE as, “. . . an alternative to long-term proton pump inhibitor (PPI) treatment or laparascopic fundoplication surgery. . .”

Dr Bharat Shah CBE, founder and CEO of the Watford-based Sigma Pharmaceuticals, said: “IQoro is a wholly new proposition for the effective treatment of Acid Reflux. Sigma are very excited at the prospect of distributing these innovative treatment devices to pharmacy as a non-invasive and holistic therapy for the condition.”

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