Celine Lee examines how community pharmacists help people manage debilitating skin conditions…

Community pharmacies can educate patients about psoriasis and eczema. A holistic approach should be made ideally when it comes to managing them.This is because these conditions might affect someone’s self-esteem thus impairing their mental and emotional health.

Community pharmacists can offer a platform where patients suffering from these conditions are being given the right care that improves their overall quality of life alongside support and education.

Community pharmacy is in a prime position to guide patients on their treatment and advise them on how to manage their condition. This can be done by;

• helping them chose the right skincare treatment.

• advising them on how to use their prescribed medication such as steroid creams and ointments.

• and offering the appropriate self-care advice.

We educate people on the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly can also relieve stress, which may improve your psoriasis and eczema among other skin conditions.

The pharmacist can also carry out regular reviews with patients suffering from these long-term conditions and resolve any of their concerns. This could also be a chance to do their medical reviews and offer healthy living advice.

For young families in particular, finding the right emollient therapy, understanding how to apply the regime of creams and preventing skin infections due to lesions from scratching can be very stressful.

That is coupled with the concerns and anxiety for the welfare of the child.The pharmacy team is ideally placed to help support in such instances.

Some manufacturers also provide sample sizes of their products for the pharmacy team to hand out to patients so they can try it to find what moisturising emollients best suits them.

Community pharmacists can also advise patients who need to pay for their treatment on ways to save money while getting the best care. This can be done by applying for a prepayment certificate.

Celine Lee is a community pharmacist.


Dermatologicals at a glance

• Concerned about the impact of chemicals on health, consumers continue to look for natural health products.

• Patients tend to go online when looking for treatments because of the social stigma associated with health issues including skin conditions.

• Online searches include dermatologicals such as antifungals and haemorrhoid treatments.

• Internet retail’s share of dermatologicals value sales has increased and stood at 5% last year.

• Bayer had 16% of value sales in 2017 with Reckitt Benckiser the only other company to register a double-digit value share. 

Source: Euromonitor