Poppy Gallagher from absolutedigitalmedia.org.uk looks at the most effective teeth whitening products on the market…

The importance of having beautiful teeth has been around for decades now, with Hollywood being the first to champion the power of having beautiful teeth. In the UK we have only fairly recently began our love affair with dental hygiene and this has created an increase in the number of people looking to invest their cash into teeth whitening services and products. Having pretty pearly whites has been scientifically proven to suggest great genetics, an overall good indicator of great health and improved confidence levels I those who have whiter teeth.
Teeth are naturally white in appearance and this is due to the fact that they are protected by a layer or enamel. Enamel over time becomes damaged and this creates cracks on its surface which allow food and other debris to get stuck underneath its surface and cause the teeth to appeal discoloured. The thing with teeth whitening is that it works to alter the optical properties of your teeth and helps to make teeth appear whiter, brighter and more appealing.
If you are looking to brighten your teeth at home with home whitening kits then take a look at the following most effective teeth whitening products available to purchase in the UK. And, should you find yourself looking to take a more professional approach to teeth whitening, then be sure to book a consultation with a reputable London dentist who will help you to take the next steps in your teeth whitening process.

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit
The iWhite mouthpiece is created for use on a daily basis and works to not only make your teeth appear whiter but also comes with the added benefit of strengthening your teeth too! This teeth whitening product is incredible in the fact that it can fit all size mouths which offers maximum flexibility in use. Furthermore the formula is gentle on tour teeth and does not damage them like some at home whitening treatments can.

Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment
Sometimes at home whitening products take a while to work and produce the results you are looking for which is where Blanx White Shock Intensive is different. Its formula is non-abrasive and can work to make your teeth appear 4 times whiter than if you were to use whitening toothpaste. With an LED light to help increase the level of whitening power you are sure to see great results very quickly with this product.

Somatox Coco Bianco Coconut Oil Pulling Kit
If you are looking for a more natural teeth whitening method then consider using oil pulling products like Somatox Coco Bianco. Coconut oil pulling has been used for centuries and it has been claimed that it this product can work to not only whiten your teeth but can also help you to improve your oral hygiene and reduce the inflammation of your gums too.

Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Kit
The Billion Dollar Smile LED kit is another product championing the use of LED light to speed up the process of teeth whitening. This kit is designed for daily use at just 10 minute sessions at a time and is said to work well to remove the staining seen on your teeth. In less than a week you could find yourself with teeth that look like a Hollywood A-lister- perfect!