With 61 per cent of women admitting to not making time for pelvic floor exercises, TENA is hoping to get more females on board with the launch of its updated version of the lights by TENA my pelvic floor fitness app (‘my PFF’).
The app is a great tool for pharmacy teams to recruit reluctant acceptors and introduce them to the lights by TENA range, easing them in to the category gently, exploring products that may have previously been substituted by other less suitable sanitary products.
Research suggests that 1 in 3 women experience ‘Oooops moments’ at some point in their life. Pelvic floor muscles can be weakened during pregnancy, the menopause and after childbirth, leading to less control over bladder function.
In a bid to strengthen and tone kegel muscles up and down the country, lights by TENA are encouraging women to squeeze their way to a stronger pelvic floor using the free app, available on both Android and iOS.
Developed with the help of pelvic floor expert, MSc Physiotherapist Paula Igualada-Martinez, ‘my PFF’ now features tutorial videos on achieving the big squeeze. The app gives instructions on getting started, how long to squeeze, and even allows you to track progress and set reminders to work out.
Users can also order free samples of lights by TENA through the app, or refer to the TENA website for further bladder weakness advice.
There are numerous benefits of a toned pelvic floor, including increased sensitivity during sex, a boost in confidence and of course a reduced risk of any unexpected little leaks. It can take up to three months to notice a difference but with persistence and training three times a day, there are great benefits to be had.
TENA Training and brand manager Donna Wilson said: “The upgraded my PFF app equips users with everything they need to improve their pelvic floor without medical interaction. Working with Paula has allowed TENA to develop handy tutorials to get the best results out of the big squeeze.”
For more information visit www.TENA.co.uk/lightsbytena/tips-and-training/pelvic-floor-fitness-app