Pharmacists Adele Cockcroft, Saquib Ahmed and Lesley Buxton have been placed in care homes throughout Trafford to improve residents' access to healthcare.

A team of pharmacists will be deployed in care homes across Greater Manchester to help residents use their medicines safely and effectively.

Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have employed three pharmacists, Saquib Ahmed, Adele Cockcroft and Lesley Buxton who will be joined by two medicines optimisation technicians, to work alongside GPs to improve the quality of prescribing.

Trafford CCG said the pharmacists “collectively…have more than 60 years’ experience in a wide range of pharmacy sectors including, primary and secondary care, in the community and within the care homes setting.”

The CCG added: “Since the beginning of September, the pharmacists have been completing their extensive clinical induction with the CCG’s medicines optimisation team.

“As part of their multifaceted role, they will use their expert knowledge of medicines in undertaking clinical medication reviews to proactively help residents, many of whom have complex medication regimens for multiple illnesses.

“The team will also provide education, training and support to care homes staff. They will also assist the CCG and local authority in quality reviews to enable care homes to improve safe and secure handling of medicines.”

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education will provide education for 600 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in care homes across England to allow them to support older people in those settings.

Dr Mark Jarvis, medical director at Trafford CCG, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to support care homes and bring more and better quality and access to healthcare into the community.”