My Trusty, the award winning skincare range developed from within the NHS, is now launching into Tesco and Superdrug.
This is the first commercial venture of its kind from the NHS, and the profits from every purchase will go back into supporting NHS patient care.
The original skin cream was created 30 years ago by skincare research scientists and pharmacists at Salisbury District Hospital to treat the ‘new’ skin on burns and plastic surgery patients. Its highly effective moisturising and scar softening properties led to demand from patients and staff for the cream to be made available for consumer purchase, so it was produced in the pharmacy and sold direct to patients over the counter.
Further consumer demand then followed for the cream to be made available more widely and the decision was taken to commercialise it and launch into retail nationwide. Additional research and development then led to the launch of new products, all based around the core natural sunflower oil ingredient, which is rich in vitamin F for the repair, renewal and growth of skin.
The My Trusty range now comprises: My Trusty Sunflower Body Lotion, My Trusty Sunflower Hand Cream, My Trusty Sunflower Body Butter, My Trusty Sunflower Face and Body Oil. For more information email [email protected]