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Charity is the act of unconditional kindness towards suffering. However, charities are under great pressure to find alternative sources of funding amid Covid-19. To relieve such pressure, Charity lotteries are becoming a rising source of charitable donations. A charity lottery is considered to be a great way to raise unlimited funds for donations.

Here are some really unusual sources of charitable donations.

Charity Lotteries

In the latter and spirit, charity lotteries are tied in with raising as much money as possible for a noble cause.

Charity lotteries raise money through funds collected from the public. Participants pay for a ticket to get a chance of winning prizes. Then, the lottery is drawn as usual, and the participant with the winning numbers receives the prize accordingly. In simple words, the Charity lottery has three main elements:

  1. People are required to pay for taking part
  2. Prizes are allotted to participants
  3. The prizes are allotted by chance completely

Another reason why so many charities have chosen to start a charity lottery is to encourage people to donate in this time of need. Between 2009 to 2017, charity lotteries have raised £71 million, according to the National Audit Office (NAO) report.

Therefore, we’ve our very own charity lottery, the win-win charity lotto, which offers you the chance to donate for a good cause and win exciting prizes at the same time.

The Naked Clowns

In 2008, Clowns did calendars and performed naked (genitals or breasts were not shown) in order to get the attention of their charity. They were trying to raise $1 million to cure multiple sclerosis. Even though the shows were quite bizarre, however, the performances and calendars were regularly sold out.

The Breast touch donation

one of the most unusual charities conducted by paradise tv. A Japanese adult channel hosted the “Erotica Will save the world” event to raise money for aid awareness. Following this, the top 10 Japanese adult stars exposed their breasts in public. They allow donors to squeeze their breasts for a charity donation. Regardless of the scandal, it was excitedly successful.

Marijuana Fundraiser

An organization named fundraiser conducted an event to raise donations by asking the donors to pay extra for smoking cannabis. Despite the organization being illegal in some places, it has received massive support from numerous celebrities.

The firing charity

Rockey Taylor’s Death Wish-3 stunt almost killed him. Twenty-five years later, Taylor decided to perform a stunt again. His fans did not ask him to perform this stunt; however, Rockey was determined to complete the stunt. According to Remember a Charity, people who watched could donate either in person or online. After the performance, People applauded when he appeared safe. This wildly popular stunt raised an insane amount of donations. According to ‘World of,’ he may perform it again in the future.

Shaving the eyebrow

Si Burgher had the longest eyebrows (about three inches in length) in Indiana. It began as a light-hearted joke in which his fellow club members said that people would probably pay to manage his eyebrows. Burgher agreed to the idea and raised $1600 for charity. The first person in line was his wife. His wife told reporters that she was pleased with the new look of Burgher. It was considered a wildly successful campaign for a good cause.

Same old dress

Sheena Matheikan, a film producer, was very much passionate about getting children in slums to school. To raise money for Akanksha Foundation, she vowed to wear the same dress every day for a complete year. Initially, the project did not get much attention. Still, she photographed herself each day in the dress, with daily creativity in her look. The creative blends and blog posts soon got social media attention. Thus, it soon became a universal project as she exceeded her goal, which was $100,000. This campaign attracted many women to join Sheena’s project. The rules were simple; all you have to do is pledge to wear the same dress throughout the year and donate the savings to underprivileged children in the slums.

Underthings for Charity

Auctioning of Bras/Panties/Underwear for charity is common in media significant cities. This practice was done to donate the money to philanthropy. Celebrities like Evangeline Lilly and others have auctioned and donated the money for a good cause. Undoubtedly, many people are ready to pay a fair amount of money, to hold a pair of panties that Evangeline even touched. According to ITV news, celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, Tom Daley, and Kelly Brook, have donated their underthings for an auction to raise funds for the breast awareness charity program.

Wrapping up

As rightly being said, charity ends poverty. Ending poverty and providing basic needs to the underprivileged is the core agenda of charity donations. Charities lotteries and other creative sources for fundraising have converted the word ‘fundraising’ into “fun-raising.”

Creativity is now as crucial as collecting donations. So why not raise charity donations from most unexpected and unusual sources?


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