WaterWipes is launching a new variant of its popular wipe made with 99.9% water plus a drop of fruit and Soapberry extract. With 57% of consumers purchasing natural products due to their lack of unnecessary ingredients or chemicals,[i] the new wipes guarantee the purity parents rely on from WaterWipes, while harnessing the natural cleaning properties of Soapberry, for growing babies who are starting to explore food and the world around them.

What is Soapberry?
Soapberries are a tree fruit whose skin contains saponin, a natural and gentle cleanser. Saponin works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water, creating a cleaning effect that lifts dirt and grease from the skin.[ii]

Studies have shown saponins also have antimicrobial properties,[iii] but unlike commercial chemical and processed soaps, soapberry saponin is natural, gentle and hypoallergenic.ii

WaterWipes with Soapberry have been accredited by Allergy UK. The addition of this gentle and effective herbal skin cleanser makes these wipes perfect, not only for nappy changes but also for cleaning everything from dribble to food covered hands and faces.

Water Wipes Brand Manager UK & Ireland, David Lawlor comments, “Parents of growing babies have been struggling to find a wipe that is natural and kind on their growing babies skin but also removes mess effectively. New WaterWipes with Soapberry extract provide a natural and effective way to clean the skin as baby starts to explore their environment, try new food for the first time and is exposed to more dirt and germs than before. WaterWipes with Soapberry offer the same purity parents know and trust for the skin of their little ones.”
WaterWipes sales are growing by 133% year on year and have seen a growth of +47.5% in the independent pharmacy channel.[iv],[v]

Over the coming months, WaterWipes will be available in UK supermarkets, Boots Pharmacies and independents nationwide as well as online at Amazon, Ocado and Sigma Pharmaceuticals.

To find out how your pharmacy can list WaterWipes contact: Sigma Pharmaceuticals at [email protected]