Omega Pharma is expanding its award winning weight management portfolio with the launch of Yokebe, a highly nutritious, range of natural weight loss shakes.
Yokebe Classic with Honey contains naturally sourced ingredients and high quality proteins. Each shake is just 273 calories and is packed with all the vitamins and minerals the body requires.
With a great, natural taste, which is also is gluten and GMO free, Yokebe contains twice as much protein as other meal replacement brands on the market.
The protein supports muscle mass maintenance, to enable the body to turn fat reserves into energy, whilst vitamin B5 and B12 promote normal energy metabolism, and vitamin B6 promotes normal protein and glycogen metabolism.
“We know that meal replacement shakes are trusted as a method of weight loss support. However often they are not nutritionally sound and can leave people feeling hungry,” comments Liz Hemus, Yokebe Senior Brand Manager.
“Yokebe’s special combination of high-quality proteins and essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients overcomes these barriers, offering the assurance of a highly nutritious weight loss support, whilst maintaining the body’s natural balance. We’ve included a simple diet plan and recipe ideas on the Yokebe website to support people follow a healthy balanced diet alongside the shakes.”
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