4 Legal Facts Businesses Should Know About Handling Premises Injury Cases


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Businesses have a responsibility for the safety of their employees, as well as visitors that are on their premises. If an injury occurs on their property, a company can be held responsible. There are various issues and rules that may apply, so it is important to know the facts regarding such situations. Here are 4 impacts legalities to consider for your business when dealing with Premises Injury incidents.

Status Of Environment And Responsibility Of Premises

When you are looking into injury cases that occur and involve the premises or property of a business, one of the most important aspects to consider is the status of the property itself. All property that has access to the public owned by an individual or business must be maintained in a manner that is safe for people to reasonably move around. This is often associated with sidewalks and pathways, as well as corridors, hallways, and various rooms in businesses. You must ensure that areas where people may be around are safe such as ensuring no water or substance is present on floors that would cause falls or slips, and otherwise having the signage to indicate the need for caution. This is not limited to people, but can also apply to vehicles and equipment, ensuring oil stains and spills do not endanger the operators and employees in the area. Businesses should recognize any risks that are present and also be mindful to address environmental concerns in the immediate area as they are made aware of them. If a business fails to address such potential dangers, they are indeed potentially liable for any injuries and health concerns that come as a result of willful ignorance of the situation.

Proof Of Negligence Is Necessary

If an individual does sustain injuries or illness as due to the negligence of a business, it is up to that person to provide evidence of the dangerous area in question.  A premises liability lawyer in New York will vouch that Injuries can still occur on company property as a result of recklessness or ignorance from the person that sustained the injury. If an area is clearly blocked off, with signage to indicate possible health risks, or there is a lack of risk in the first place, a claim or case will likely not hold up in court. Individuals that have suffered injuries on a premises that wish to pursue legal action will have to build their case through evidence and documentation.

Having Sufficient Insurance And Coverage For Accidents

Businesses can and should protect themselves from potential claims and lawsuits regarding individual injury as best they can. Although you can ensure you implement health and safety practices and protocols, there is always the risk of an accident. Having insurance for your business can protect you and your business from having to sustain significant financial losses when it comes to such accidents. This acts as a safety net in the event that an accident occurs and health or medical costs are significant, as it provides you and your employees the means to pay for such procedures or medications. This is ideal for businesses that operate in riskier industries such as trades and apprenticeship programs involving large equipment.

Agreements Regarding Risk And Liability

Another way that businesses can protect themselves when it comes to accidents and injuries on their premises is by ensuring that employees and patrons at your business sign a contract agreement that releases your business or company from the possible liabilities associated with injury risks. This is important for businesses that involve various sports and athletics, such as gymnasiums or arenas. Patrons will put themselves in situations where they can injure themselves due to the activities they are participating in as opposed to the actual environment, yet still occur on your premises. A waiver is essential to remove liability in such a circumstance. Additionally, if your business has operations in a factory or warehouse or any other type of space that is a higher risk, you may require visitors and others to sign a form that acknowledges such risks and that people are aware of them. This is applicable in certain situations and scenarios, so you will want to ensure that you are aware of what is permitted.

It is important that you are well aware of different legal facts when you run a business. If an injury occurs on your premises, you want to be able to have the knowledge and understanding of how to approach it, as well as ways to prevent it. This will save you from quite the legal trouble.


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