• Breaking: PSNC to appeal against high court decision not to overturn pharmacy funding cuts read more
  • Bestway expands pharmacy wholesale business into Northern Ireland read more
  • Editor’s comment: Amid NHS chaos should pharmacists care Steve Brine is the new pharmacy minister? Probably not read more
  • New Milton Washing Up Liquid read more
  • Breaking: Steve Brine is new pharmacy minister read more

Editor’s comment: Amid NHS chaos should pharmacists care Steve Brine is the new pharmacy minister? Probably not

No doubt few of us were surprised that, despite the fury and frustration of healthcare professionals...

By Neil Trainis

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Managing pain quickly and effectively - Click the image below for the CPD training

Pharmacy making its presence felt Cape Town-style

'Survival of the fittest' was the theme of the Numark conference in South Africa where pharmacists w...

By Neil Trainis

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Company secretarial duties

Company legislation provides an opportunity for a business organisation to benefit from the protecti...

By Editor Board

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New Milton Washing Up Liquid

Milton, the leading expert in sterilising, announces the launch of its new Milto...read more

Weleda’s new range supports mums through pregnancy

Weleda’s new look range, developed together with experienced midwives and phar...read more

Epistatus 10mg Oromucosal Solution Midazolam

Special Products Ltd is pleased to announce that Epistatus 10 mg Oromucosal Solu...read more

Heading Back to School

The summer is a time for sunshine and holidays but for community pharmacists it is a time to prepare...

By Editor Board

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Chain of the Year Award 2016 supported by Wockhardt

WINNER : Kamsons Kalpesh Solanki, David Guest, National Sales Manager, Wockhard...read more

Enterprise Award 2016 supported by Alliance Healthcare

WINNER : Ashley Cohen, Pharm Assist Kalpesh Solanki, Jeremy Main, Managing Dire...read more

Pharmacy Business of the Year 2016 in association with Actavis

WINNER : Green Light Pharmacy, London Kalpesh Solanki, Jonathan Wilson, Managin...read more

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