• Fight against government plans ‘is far from read more
  • Professor Fenton visits Bristol pharmacy to get ta read more
  • PSNC seeks judicial review of government’s p read more
  • Young people would shun pharmacy for physical, men read more
  • ABPI welcomes government’s £2bn research pl read more
The Big Interview: Oliver Colvile

The Big Interview: Oliver Colvile

People argue that any cut is a bad thing. Public sector budgets need to sweat and deliver, says O...

By Neil Trainis

read more

Sigma in Jamaica: Storm clouds and Caribbean sunsh

The eighth annual Sigma conference gave pharmacists the chance to debate the government's swingeing ...

By Neil Trainis

read more

Professor Fenton visits Bristol pharmacy to get ta

Professor Kevin Fenton, the director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health En...read more

Wisdom teeth - should you vote for them to leave or remain?

Wisdom teeth – should you vote for them to l

Pharmacist Peter Kelly has a nagging conundrum about... his wisdom teeth. ...read more

RPS event - pharmacists' roles in long term conditions

RPS event – pharmacists roles in long term c

The RPS believes that utilising pharmacist led care of people with long term ...read more

Will legal action by the NPA succeed in stopping the cuts?

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Should pharmacists be allowed to prescribe medical cannabis?

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