• MMR vaccination target for five-year-olds in England met for first time read more
  • Quarter of girls and one in 10 boys depressed by age of 14 read more
  • PDA accuses DoH and rebalancing board of failing to consult it over technician plans read more
  • Portable Speleotherapy for Winter Colds read more
  • One in five don’t think they will need residential care in old age read more

The Big Interview: Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett arrives at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society as pharmacy fights for its future. The prof...

By Neil Trainis

read more
Managing pain quickly and effectively - Click the image below for the CPD training

Pharmacy making its presence felt Cape Town-style

'Survival of the fittest' was the theme of the Numark conference in South Africa where pharmacists w...

By Neil Trainis

read more

GPhC revalidation – what we know so far

Marie Dancer, a solicitor and managing partner at Richard Nelson LLP, examines the General Pharmaceu...

By Editor Board

read more

Portable Speleotherapy for Winter Colds

Winter and the colder weather can bring many health problems, or worsen existing...read more

Fast-acting Olbas Nasal Spray

An exciting addition to the market, the UK’s number one decongestant oil brand...read more

TENA Men Premium Fit Level 4 Pants

Leading bladder weakness brand TENA have made exciting changes to their category...read more

Winter remedies for the elderly

Community pharmacy can play a pivotal role in supporting the elderly through the cold winter months ...

By Editor Board

read more
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Chain of the Year Award 2016 supported by Wockhardt

WINNER : Kamsons Kalpesh Solanki, David Guest, National Sales Manager, Wockhard...read more

Enterprise Award 2016 supported by Alliance Healthcare

WINNER : Ashley Cohen, Pharm Assist Kalpesh Solanki, Jeremy Main, Managing Dire...read more

Pharmacy Business of the Year 2016 in association with Actavis

WINNER : Green Light Pharmacy, London Kalpesh Solanki, Jonathan Wilson, Managin...read more

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