• Concern legal action may have provoked MPs to delay decriminalisation read more
  • RPS calls for effective digital strategy in Scotland read more
  • GPhC launches online workshop to explore idea of quality read more
  • 2016/17 year end tax planning read more
  • Promoting a scientifically rigorous view of the world read more

The Big Interview: Jay Patel

Jay Patel insists he is not the man to fill the shoes of his late father. The director at Day Lewis ...

By Neil Trainis

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Sigma in Jamaica: Storm clouds and Caribbean sunshine

The eighth annual Sigma conference gave pharmacists the chance to debate the government's swinge...

By Neil Trainis

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Promoting a scientifically rigorous view of the world

Pharmacists have a duty to provide excellent pharmaceutical care and speak with authority on matters...

By Neil Trainis

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TENA unveil new money-back guarantee

Light bladder weakness experts lights by TENA have unveiled a new money back gua...read more

Just for Men – leader in male hair care

Just for Men, the leader in grey-reducing male haircare is extending its range o...read more

Professor Fenton visits Bristol pharmacy to get taste of patient care

Professor Kevin Fenton, the director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health En...read more

Knowledge of English

What should pharmacists be aware of when it comes to General Pharmaceutical Council requirements ...

By Neil Trainis

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Chain of the Year Award 2016 supported by Wockhardt

WINNER : Kamsons Kalpesh Solanki, David Guest, National Sales Manager, Wockhard...read more

Enterprise Award 2016 supported by Alliance Healthcare

WINNER : Ashley Cohen, Pharm Assist Kalpesh Solanki, Jeremy Main, Managing Dire...read more

Pharmacy Business of the Year 2016 in association with Actavis

WINNER : Green Light Pharmacy, London Kalpesh Solanki, Jonathan Wilson, Managin...read more

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