• NHS England must reveal plans for Murray review by the autumn, says APPG read more
  • Largest drug companies will leave UK without £20bn-a-year investment in NHS read more
  • Five countries and their most popular cosmetic procedures read more
  • Damaging CCG ban on pharmacy repeat ordering read more
  • My Trusty skincare launches into major chains read more

Clinical pharmacy at its best

NHS England does not appear to view all pharmacists as 'clinical,' so we start a new series to highl...

By Neil Trainis

read more

Pharmacy making its presence felt Cape Town-style

'Survival of the fittest' was the theme of the Numark conference in South Africa where pharmacists w...

By Neil Trainis

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Homeopathy – low value or valued treatment?

NHS England wants to stop prescriptions for 'low value' medicines and some think homeopathy should b...

By Neil Trainis

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Five countries and their most popular cosmetic procedures

The trends in cosmetic procedures around the world are always set to be differen...read more

My Trusty skincare launches into major chains

My Trusty, the award winning skincare range developed from within the NHS, is no...read more

NATRUE celebrates 10th anniversary in style

This year is a significant moment for the international non-profit association N...read more

Getting to the bottom of gastrointestinal problems

From heartburn to constipation, community pharmacists are well placed to address patients' gastro is...

By Neil Trainis

read more
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Chain of the Year Award 2016 supported by Wockhardt

WINNER : Kamsons Kalpesh Solanki, David Guest, National Sales Manager, Wockhard...read more

Enterprise Award 2016 supported by Alliance Healthcare

WINNER : Ashley Cohen, Pharm Assist Kalpesh Solanki, Jeremy Main, Managing Dire...read more

Pharmacy Business of the Year 2016 in association with Actavis

WINNER : Green Light Pharmacy, London Kalpesh Solanki, Jonathan Wilson, Managin...read more

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