• Pinewood Healthcare launch Acidex Advance read more
  • Hearing loss? Earwax build-up? Ear pain? Use Earex read more
  • Three-quarters of treatments in Cancer Drugs Fund given positive recommendations read more
  • Helping the elderly during winter read more
  • Inheritance Tax Planning read more

The Big Interview: Sue Sharpe

Whoever takes over as head of the PSNC will need a “hide of leather” says Sue Sharpe. The outgoi...

By Neil Trainis

read more
Managing pain quickly and effectively - Click the image below for the CPD training

Pharmacy making its presence felt Cape Town-style

'Survival of the fittest' was the theme of the Numark conference in South Africa where pharmacists w...

By Neil Trainis

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Planning to minimise the liability to IHT is a team effort involving you and your professional advis...

By Editor Board

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Pinewood Healthcare launch Acidex Advance

Pinewood Healthcare, a leader in generic liquid and suspension products, announc...read more

Hearing loss? Earwax build-up? Ear pain? Use Earex

Our ears are delicate and complex so that’s why, when consumers have a problem...read more

Preconceive – for women planning to get pregnant

The report published in Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin reviewed the available re...read more

STD prevention in community pharmacy

Community pharmacies can provide important sexual health services and make their presence felt in th...

By Editor Board

read more
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Chain of the Year Award 2016 supported by Wockhardt

WINNER : Kamsons Kalpesh Solanki, David Guest, National Sales Manager, Wockhard...read more

Enterprise Award 2016 supported by Alliance Healthcare

WINNER : Ashley Cohen, Pharm Assist Kalpesh Solanki, Jeremy Main, Managing Dire...read more

Pharmacy Business of the Year 2016 in association with Actavis

WINNER : Green Light Pharmacy, London Kalpesh Solanki, Jonathan Wilson, Managin...read more

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