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Key Facts To Know Before Having a Blepharoplasty


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It is very much a cultural thing.

In Korea, having hooded eyes is seen as a sign of extreme beauty and, oddly, is one of the most common types of surgery. Many Korean K-pop stars have undergone this procedure to make themselves more appealing to people in that culture.

In the West, however, hooded eyes are not as popular and have been linked to getting older, looking stressed, and, of course, looking tired. So, it’s a mixed bag!

Do you have hooded eyes that you want rid of? There is a treatment option for those who want to have their hooded eyes or their under-eye bags removed, which is known as a blepharoplasty. As it is a surgery, it should only be undertaken as a last resort, but here, this treatment will be explored in a bit more detail.

There Are Two Types

When or if you decide to go through with a blepharoplasty, you will inevitably be asked by your cosmetic surgeon about which type you want.

The term blepharoplasty is linked to upper eyelid surgery, resection and partial removal, but in reality, there is also a type of blepharoplasty that targets the under-eye area too. A lower blepharoplasty is designed to eliminate wrinkles, remove crepey skin under the eyes and can be used to get rid of persistent, puffy bags. You can opt for both treatments, but you won’t be able to have them performed at the same time.

You May Not Need General Anaesthesia

OK, a lot of people will panic when they think about objects coming towards their eyes when they are awake!

However, it may be the choice of yourself and your surgeon to just use a local anaesthetic when you are undertaking a blepharoplasty. If, of course, the idea of being awake gives you the heebie-jeebies, then talk to your surgeon about your options. Just make sure that if you undergo general anaesthetic on the day, that you have someone with you to take you home.

The Downtime is Minimal

It is assumed that any kind of plastic surgery, especially on the face, will result in a long downtime afterward. This is not true with a blepharoplasty, but you should be prepared for some bruising and swelling! Many people who have undergone a blepharoplasty will be able to return to work in seven days and will be able to resume their normal activities in ten. So, if you are going abroad to have this procedure performed, it is the ideal time to have a relaxing vacation!

The Effects Last Years

When you are comparing non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, to operations like blepharoplasty, the latter will be more invasive, but it will also have longer-lasting effects.

Indeed, after a few hours of surgery, you will be free of excess skin, crepey skin and hanging skin around your eyes for up to and over ten years. This will vary based on your age at the time of the initial surgery, as well as your general lifestyle and health. So, long lasting results!


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