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Marketing Tactics to Build a Strong Pharma Brand


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Today, pharmaceutical companies can’t simply make an effective drug and count on healthcare providers (HCPs) to come to them – they have to find innovative ways to attract them. Statista shows that in 2015 there were only 3,286 pharma companies with active research and development pipelines. In 2023, this number jumped to more than 5,500.

As an earth-shattering number of new drugs are flooding the market each year, HCPs are having a hard time determining the best medicine for their patients. Meanwhile, pharma companies invest more in marketing to help HCPs get rid of choice paralysis and make them choose their solution over that of competitors. In this article, we will share the tried-and-true tactics to build a strong pharma brand.  

Get creative with interactive email marketing 

One…two…three…No, we’re not counting to run a marathon. Three seconds is what you’ve got to pull your reader in with your email. Fail to quickly grab the audience’s attention? We’ve got some bad news for you. Nobody’s going to bother reading about how amazing your pharmaceutical product is if you’re churning out generic emails with artificial intelligence tools. 

Interactive email marketing allows pharmaceutical companies to keep their customers engaged with their content. Such emails ask readers to take action right in the inbox, like participate in a quiz, play a game, or rate the effectiveness of their medicine.  This solution helps pharmaceutical marketers not only communicate personalized and memorable messages about products, deals, or websites but also offers a range of design options, assisting clients in building a recognizable and appealing brand image.

Use videos to keep customers interested 

Videos not only better catch customers’ attention but also help to keep it. As they combine sound, text, and movement, customers tend to process the information more easily rather than when dealing with the text alone. Companies can use this pharmaceutical marketing strategy to improve engagement on digital channels, reach wider audiences, and educate potential customers. For example, explainer videos are highly effective in raising awareness about complex drugs, their efficacy, or manufacturing process.  

To make such talking head videos easier to digest, you can always add animation, which might explain how medicine or technologies work. Also, feel free to introduce interview elements to speak directly to your stakeholders or employees. This will make your video more engaging and the message more trustworthy.  

Don’t try to always sell. Share your expertise to gain trust 

Pharmaceutical marketing that is trying too much to sell can be off-putting to potential customers. To engage with your prospects without looking sleazy, you should offer them real value without expecting anything in return. For example, educating your target audience can be a good way to start a conversation. Your content, be it blog articles or guest posts, needs to make your customers think, “This isn’t another pharma company trying to sell me their product. These are competent people with a great deal of experience telling how things work.” 

Whenever possible, talk about your experience showcasing your products and their impact on patients’ lives. HCPs are likely to listen to what you’ve got to say if you share your success stories. Providing testimonials is also a smart move when you want to establish yourself as an expert and humanize your pharma brand.  

Consider going omnichannel  

Few things affect a customer’s decision-making as much as severe misalignment between, say, a company’s website and emails. Just imagine how you would feel if you found out that a brand is promising to deliver a certain service on a website only to deny it later in their email. Isn’t it showing that a company might lack a decent level of reliability?  

To provide customers with seamless experience, companies use omnichannel marketing to create the umbrella of unified channels, like websites, social media, emails, printed materials, and so on. Omnichannel marketing allows them to guide their prospects from touchpoint to touchpoint without any hiccups, while also cutting down their expenses. The omnichannel shifts the focus from traditional face-to-face visits, which, more often than not, are eating your budget, to the perfect digital channel mix that helps to target the audience exactly where they are. 

Our company prides itself on its omnichannel strategy, which integrates digital and non-digital channels into a well-oiled marketing machine. Need some proof? Let the numbers speak for themselves: our clients report a 20% higher click-through rate, 250% higher engagement rate, and 23% reduction of cost-per-contact.  

Get consistent content faster with the modular approach 

Modularity helps to make content creation easier, less costly, and more efficient. Instead of creating one large piece of content for your webinar and then for social media, for example, modular content lets you build bite-sized chunks of content that can cater to both needs. With this strategy, pharma businesses may easily repurpose their content for different channels and audiences without having to start anew each time. Besides the obvious time-saving benefit, it also helps to make your messaging consistent across different channels.   

How to Create a powerful pharma brand?

To rise above the competition in the pharmaceutical industry, you need to have a bunch of effective marketing tactics in your arsenal. While the following recommendations are not set in stone, they can form a solid foundation for your pharma marketing strategy 

Start to improve your pharma brand right now and achieve remarkable results.


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