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Sigma Pharmaceuticals partners with BoxxDocks to boost efficiency and sustainability


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Through this partnership, Sigma aims to bolster its ESG strategy and accelerate its commitment to NHS net zero objectives

Sigma Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmacy wholesaler and distributor in the UK, has joined hands with logistics technology innovator, BoxxDocks, to enhance efficiency and sustainability across its warehouse and transport operations.

Through this collaboration, Sigma will pioneer the use of BoxxDocks’ cutting-edge tracking technology in the pharmaceutical sector, thereby improving asset visibility and management, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the industry.

Considered to be the first of its kind in the supply chain and logistics industry, BoxxDocks’ technology offers data-driven, granular track and trace solutions that “not only addresses the critical issue of inventory loss but also paves the way for cost savings and environmental benefits.”

By providing real-time data on asset location and movement, it empowers B2B distributors to “map their entire supply chains with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.” This capability can significantly enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs by optimising asset utilisation and minimising loss, the company noted.

Rajiv Shah, Procurement and Innovation Officer at Sigma, said that the partnership with BoxxDocks will help accelerate their commitment to sustainability and achieving NHS net zero objectives.

“By having the ability to track our assets, we’ll be able to minimise our environmental footprint by significantly reducing single-use materials, cutting down on the use of disposable packaging, while streamlining our distribution processes,” he added.

Additionally, BoxxDocks’ innovative tracking technology enhances transit security and reduces waste by promoting reusable assets over single-use materials, thereby cutting environmental and financial impacts.

BoxxDocks CEO Alessandro Attanzio emphasised that their mission is to help enhance B2B distribution by offering smart, sustainable and cost-saving solutions.

He said: “We’re delighted to be working with Sigma Pharmaceuticals, which is a forward-thinking company with a passion for innovation that rivals our own. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation together, demonstrating a model of best practice for pharma distribution.”

By partnering with Sigma, Attanzio said they have further refined their technology to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Attanzio reiterated that their technology can “transform operations, reduce cost and environmental impact, and help drive the industry forward to meet efficiency and sustainability goals.”


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