Reasons to Consider a Locum Tenens Position 


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Doctors are highly driven professionals seeking exceptional care and service for their clients. Some doctors may have private practices, while others serve in different capacities in various healthcare institutions. Doctors are among the busiest professionals in the field and may also experience burnout if they’re not careful.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to such a scenario, and more and more healthcare professionals are looking into it. Locum tenens jobs are on the rise as doctors, and other health workers seek to take advantage of various benefits that can lead to a better career. While doctors hold down their private practice, they also work with other institutions and colleagues to provide expertise to patients in other locations. This can be rewarding as the doctors can improve their craft tremendously.

Here are some reasons to consider if you wish to explore locum tenens posts.

Better control and schedule flexibility

While career stability is quite important for most doctors, it can be intense for some and lead to burnout. When taking a locum tenens position, a doctor will have the opportunity to explore other horizons that present themselves. They can see other patients and be exposed to scenarios that may not be present in their practice. Locum posts also allow you to set your schedule and be flexible with your working hours as necessary. It can lead to better performance and job satisfaction, too.

Opportunity for better income

Accepting a locum position may entail getting extra shifts at another hospital or clinic. It may also mean getting some time with patients during your off days. You can receive a significant bump to your income as you get to earn more aside from your regular salary. If you’re looking to pay off student loans, build a college fund for your kids, or set up an account to buy a house, working with locum posts may be the key.

Opportunity to give back to the community

One reason you must consider a locum tenens position is that it provides an opportunity to give back to the community. While most locum posts pay an hourly rate, some posts will entail you to provide volunteer work. With the shortage of medical practitioners, some areas don’t receive adequate medical care. You can help people in need if you accept such a position. You may not gain much financially, but you will feel fulfilled.

Enhance your skills 

Professional development is a crucial component of a successful practice. Doctors who accept locum posts can enjoy learning from colleagues and expose themselves to other experiences not available in their current practice. Such opportunities to work with other professionals can broaden a physician’s skill set, translating to better service in their practice. This will also help prevent and avoid burnout as you will always be on your toes working with different scenarios that demand your best.


Locum tenens positions can be challenging but highly rewarding. Doctors who wish to pursue such a career must weigh their options and opportunities, as it can lead to better skills and service.


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